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November 22, 2020

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It’s officially holiday season! Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is quickly approaching. I know many of us will be traveling to spend time with family and loved ones and I would be remised if I didn’t mention that the CDC is urging against holiday travel and large gatherings this year. Keeping that in mind, I’ll just be driving back home to have Thanksgiving with my parents. So I thought I’d share with you eight things that I think are must haves for any road trip!

USB Car Charger Adapter

If your car isn’t equipped with a USB charging port then is a must have, especially if you’re not traveling alone. With this adapter you don’t have to worry too much about sharing chargers since up to four people can plug in at once.

A Small Suitcase or Duffle Bag

Unless I’m staying for an extended amount of time, I like to travel as light as possible. I usually travel with a duffle bag or a small rolling suitcase. I love this pink duffle bag from Amazon because of all the space it offers. It has a separate compartment for shoes, and one specifically for wet clothes. This Kenzie 20 inch suitcase is also very spacious with extra zippers and compartments. It’s also under $100. But let’s be honest, I was sold on the color and the shape of it alone! ? If you need to, you can always use them both!


I’m pretty sure you know why sunglasses are essential to your road trip. I mean, I don’t know about you but having the sun in my eyes while driving is no bueno. I wear glasses pretty much all the time but when it’s time for a road trip, my contacts come out to play so I can wear my sunglasses! I’m in love with this pair of Ray-Bans linked above. They’re simple and chic and they go with basically any outfit.

Comfy Travel Clothes

One of the worst things to me is being uncomfortable while driving for hours. Amazon had this really cute lounge set that I thought would be perfect to wear for a road trip. It’s comfy but still stylish. Double win!

Travel Cup w/ Straw

For some reason, I can’t travel without having a beverage within reach (non-alcoholic of course). Grabbing a bottle of water is okay but a cup with a straw is so much more convenient for me. I prefer an insulated tumbler so that may drink stays hot or cold respectively throughout my trip. The tumbler linked above is only $13 and comes with a stainless steel straw. In other words, it’s perfect.

Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

If you’re using your phone for navigation then a phone mount for your car is really handy. I really like the one linked above from Amazon. It’s not big and bulky, it clips really easily onto your car vent, and it’s magnetic so your phone snaps on with ease. Even if you don’t need it for navigation, it’s still a neat gadget to have.

Multipurpose Tactical Pen

Now this is something I think everyone, especially women, should keep on their keychain. This product can be used as a self-defense weapon as well as a car window breaker in case of emergency. The necessity of this item is pretty self explanatory! Plus, it’s only ten bucks! 

All of the items mentioned here are linked in the images above and below. If you have Amazon Prime, you can order now and still get your item before Thanksgiving! If you don’t have Amazon Prime, click below for a 30 day FREE trial!

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