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July 14, 2018

As a single working woman who is constantly on the go, when it comes to food, sometimes it’s just easier to grab a bite while I’m out or just order in. I try to make it to the grocery store once a week but sometimes it’s hard to get around to it. So I figured, why not try a meal delivery service?! I decided to check out and the results were, well, let’s just get into it. Here’s how it works…

It’s a weekly subscription service so you have to either place an order each week, or skip a week prior to avoid being charged. It comes with all the ingredients you need and the recipe to follow step by step. The meal plan that I chose was about $49/week, which should allow you to chose 2-3 meals per week, depending on the individual price of each meal. These are the meals that I picked:So the fruit basket and the chicken salad were pretty much a bust. The chicken for the salad just tasted old, and the lettuce had started to brown. Much of the fruit was bruised and one of the apples even had a laceration on it. Um yeah, that’s not a good look.

Thankfully, the roasted chicken dish was a different story. Everything came neatly packaged with ice packs. The ingredients seemed fresh and the instructions were super easy to follow.

And I must say, this dish actually turned out pretty darn good.

Even though the main dish turned out well, I ended up cancelling my subscription. One out of three just wasn’t enough to convince me to stick around. Maybe next time I’ll do a bit more research on different services and not just pick one on a whim. Or, maybe I’ll stick to picking my own food out at the grocery store. Most likely, it’ll be the latter. 😉



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