#OOTD: Weekend Casual

January 9, 2023

From an informal dinner with friends to doing your daily errands, a casual look is perfect for so many situations. Despite this, many women feel self-conscious when putting together a casual outfit. If you’re unsure what’s too relaxed or what’s overkill, you’ll want to strike a balance and discover a casual style that works for you. With these top tips, you can boost your confidence and find out how to wear casual well:

Mix Casual with Formal for a Relaxed Style

If you’re not sure what the dress code is or you want to dress casually without feeling scruffy, mixing casual pieces with more formal attire always works well. Custom printed tees with a blazer and jeans straddles the line between casual and dressy, without requiring much effort, for example! Alternatively, adding a bomber or midi jacket over a dress helps to create a more relaxed look that can be worn throughout the day as well as in the evenings. 

Find Casual Shoes You Love

When you’re dressing casually, you’ll need the perfect pair of shoes to complete your outfit. While trainers are a great option for an informal look, there are other styles you can utilize as well. Pumps, flats, and boots can all be used to enhance a casual outfit, which means you can switch out your accessories to maximize your style and get the most out of your wardrobe. 

Experiment with Color

If you tend to stick to black, gray, or navy in the office, dressing casually gives you the opportunity to experiment with different color palettes. Wearing pastel shades or bold, vibrant hues can make an outfit feel more fun and informal, which makes these colors perfect for a casual style. 

To find shades that work for you, position a mirror close to a window so you can try out different colors in natural light. Then, hold different garments up to your face so you can see which hues work with your natural coloring. 

Use Layers to Modify Your Look

Wearing layers is an easy way to create a casual look and it means you can always modify your outfit for different situations. A chic, oversized hoodie over a white vest with jeans and flats can be great while you’re running errands, but you only need to remove the top layer to enjoy a look that can be worn if you’re meeting friends for brunch or grabbing a drink with a partner. When you incorporate layers into your outfits, your style will be more flexible than ever, and you’ll feel increasingly confident about changing your look.

Finding Your Casual Style

If you’re used to a more formal style, it can take time to adjust to a casual look. However, experimenting with different pieces and finding new ways to emphasize your best features will make it easier to find a casual style that works for you. When you do, you’ll have a wider variety of options and be able to find the perfect outfit for every occasion. 

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