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Le Mini Macaron

March 27, 2021

I’ve recently made the decision to give my nails a break from the press ons. Now it’s time to throw some paint on these nubbs! I’m using a beautiful cherry red gel nail polish and kit that I got from The red is so pretty and vibrant, and the macaron LED is the absolute cutest!

Le Mini Macaron gel manicure kits include everything you need for DIY gel manicure, when you want where you want! Each Kit Includes:
– LED lamp with USB cord (lamp wattage: 3 watts)
– One bottle of gel polish in a matching color 
– Cuticle stick
– Mini nail file
– 10 remover pads
– Detailed instructions

Here are some tips or a perfect manicure!

Use the cuticle stick to push back your cuticles, then file the edge and surface of your nails. Use a remover pad to wipe away the dust and oils from your nails. Apply a very thin layer of gel polish. 

Cure in the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Apply a second layer of gel polish, and cure again.

And that’s it! You’re done! You can check out all of their other gel nail polishes and sets here. Use the code DIAMOND10 for 10% off!

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